Katherine Gonzalez is a sound designer from Las Vegas, Nevada, who specializes in theatrical sound design. With over 60 sound designs to her credit including but not limited to musical theatre, straight plays, symphonic and orchestral performances, Katherine has worked close to 17 years in the professional audio industry. She has experience in the full spectrum of audio roles, from mixing headlining concerts to sound designing productions of all sizes. Katherine has worked for entertainment giants such as Live Nation and for 5 years held the position as Head of Audio for Cirque du Soleil's Believe show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Katherine believes that the most important factor in a successful sound design is listening to what the vision of the director and incorporating these ideas with her own artistic style to create a unique experience. "I believe that we need to truly listen... not only to the sound of the room, or the sound coming out of the speakers, or the even the sound coming out of the cast members. We also need to listen to the sound of the director and his ideas and his voice....his tone....the sound of feelings swirling in production meetings. If we listen to all of this then we can tap into a gold mine of ideas for the shows sound. The sound of the show becomes an expression of all of these ideas. When this happens, you've done a good job." 

When designing any show, but especially for musical theatre, Katherine places great attention to the vocal clarity, as well as,  the balance between the vocals and the music. For it is within the song that the story is told. Let Katherine help all your songs be heard as you envision them. Whether it be system design, sound mixing, foley arts, recording, editing, etc...you can trust that Katherine will deliver a sound design built with experience, heart, and passion.